The future of marijuana in Clinton Township hits the ballot again next week

Township board turned it down twice, now voters will decide

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Twice the township board had voted to opt out of marijuana.

Now, the voters will make the final call next week.

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When voters head to the polls Tuesday, they will have the option to decide whether they want up to 24 marijuana-based businesses in their community. It’s an issue that has mixed opinions.

“There’s absolutely no way, in my opinion, that Clinton Township residents are going to allow up to 24 marijuana businesses,” Tony Penna said.

Penna, a 40-year township resident, is leading the charge on the vote no campaign. He says the ask on this proposal is way over the top.

“They’ve poured $620,000 in dark money and you have this marijuana language that is extremely confusing,” he said.

The “vote yes” campaign is being run by well-known Lansing strategist Steve Linder.

“It is very misleading to say there’s going to be 24 separate and distinct locations. That’s just not true if you look around the state where these facilities are located most of them are vertically integrated,” Linder said.

There have been multiple town hall meetings on whether the township should opt in.

“It’s a hot topic, very controversial and it polarized our community,” said Township Supervisor Bob Cannon.

The election is Tuesday.

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