Redford candidate calls for investigation into results of August Primary

Redford candidate calls of investigation into results of August Primary
Redford candidate calls of investigation into results of August Primary

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Brenda Hill ran for election to the Michigan House of Representatives to represent the 10th state senate district in Detroit and Redford.

She lost in the Aug. 4 Primary, but she said something didn’t seem right with the results and is calling for the Secretary of State to launch an investigation.

Many absentee ballots ended up counted the day after the election and Hill is calling foul.

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On election night and even the day after, she thought she had won. She started receiving congratulations from Wayne County democratic leaders, but then the absentee ballots arrived at City Hall. The Local 4 final tally billboard shows Hill lost to Mary Cavanagh.

“The numbers just don’t add up,” Hill said. “For someone who was so far in the distant third to come out in the lead by so much, it just can’t be believed the process was followed.”

Hill’s supporters came out Wednesday to protest at Redford Township Hall.

Earlier in the day, her campaign sent a letter to Secretary of State Joycelyn Benson to investigate what they call possible corruption.

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Cavanagh’s mother Lily Cavanagh is Redford’s treasurer, which prompted Hill’s campaign suspicious, but Mary Cavanagh said there’s a good reason why she won: she encouraged absentee voting and Hill counted chickens a little too early.

“Any sort of decision before votes are in -- before my home township is in -- is a little jumping the gun,” Cavanagh said.

Prior to election day, there was a lot of drama as the township clerk was ordered out of city hall because of alleged improprieties. He and his staff returned to office just days before the election.

Local 4 reached out to the city clerk by phone and received no reply. City offices are closed.

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