Poll: Gary Peters opens nearly 10-point lead on John James in Michigan US Senate race

Peters lead jumps in final election stretch

DETROIT – Michigan Democratic U.S. Senator Gary Peters has increased his lead over Republican challenger John James heading into the final stretch of the 2020 election, a new WDIV/Detroit News poll shows.

The race for the U.S. Senate seat in Michigan has been a tight one, with previous WDIV/Detroit News polls showing the race in the margin of error - or just outside of it.

Since the early October survey, there has a been a major shift in the race. Gary Peters now leads John James by a margin of 48.4%-38.8%, with 8.7% of voters remaining undecided. Peters leads by 9.6%, virtually matching Biden’s percentage of 49.3.%. At 38.8%, James trails Trump’s 41.6% by 2.8% points.

  • Peters is winning 91.3% of Biden voters and 6.4% of Trump voters.
  • James is winning 87.0% of Trump voters and 2.4% of Biden voters.
  • Voters who are undecided in the US Senate race are splitting their vote equally in the Presidential race.

By a margin of 47.2% Democratic to 40.1% Republican, Michigan voters prefer the Democratic Party to control the U.S. Senate. This number is largely driven by the party advantage of Democrats in Michigan.

Gary Peters name identification is breaking 39.1% favorable to 30.9% unfavorable. John James name identification is breaking 33.3% favorable to 40.4% unfavorable.

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