Politicians spent a record-breaking $375M on advertising in Michigan, and we're glad it's over

Local channels, however, saw a solid $151.1 million boost in revenue from this year's ad spending with WDIV-Channel 4 taking in $54.3 million, WJBK-Channel 2 taking in $41.2 million, WXYZ-Channel 7 taking in $34.9 million, and WWJ-Channel 62 taking in $16.3 million, according to MCFN's advertising analytics.It should come as no surprise that a large chunk of Michigan's ad windfall, or $125 million, was due to the onslaught of ads pushed out by the presidential race — which, again, Trump lost — and the contest between incumbent Democratic Senator Gary Peters and conservative businessman and Kid Rock-approved two-time Senate loser John James. Together, James and Peters dropped a combined $131 million on state-wide advertising, making it the eighth-most expensive Senate race in the country Simon Schuster, executive director of the MCFN, toldthat the amount of money spent in Michigan this election was an “absurd amount.”“Well, obviously, the winners are, you know, advertising agencies and broadcast advertisers,” Schuster said. “I think it'd be difficult to say that the winners were Michigan voters in that regard.”Schuster notes that it's not the amount of advertising voters are exposed to that is necessarily the issue, butvoters are exposed to advertisements.“I think that what we need to be looking forward to is not just volume, but the nature in which we receive our advertisements, and how they are meant to sway us. Disinformation and misinformation breed on social media,” Schuster said. “And I think that the means and avenues by which that proliferates is only going to become more efficient and more nefarious moving forward.”