Wayne County Treasurer’s Office closes over threat to steal ballots; Sheriff weighs in

Building closed Friday afternoon

DETROIT – Protests in Detroit remained mostly peaceful outside of the TCF Center in Downtown Detroit, but police dealt with multiple threats over the election.

A woman claimed a bomb was left near the TCF Center, and a Wayne County building closed over a threat to go in the building and steal ballots.

Tensions continue in Detroit Friday night, just days after the election -- from the TCF Center to the county Treasurer’s Office in Greektown.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon said officials closed the Treasurer’s Office early Friday afternoon.

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“There was some concern that there may have been people who were going to attempt to enter the clerk’s office, either steal or destroy the ballots that were stored there,” said Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon.

On Wednesday, just one day after the election, supporters incumbent President Donald Trump protested outside the TCF Center, demanding to be let inside where poll workers were counting ballots.

Those protests continued Thursday and Friday after Democratic challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden was projected as winning the state of Michigan.

“I’m 46 years in policing. I have never experienced anything like this surrounding an election, and I’ve seen many,” Napoleon said.

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