2 Congressional winners, 2 different views of the 2020 General Election

DETROIT – As the results of the 2020 election face challenges, two of Michigan’s members or soon-to-be members of congress have differing ideas about how the election played out, despite being congressional neighbors.

“I think we should pause,” newcomer and Congresswoman-Elect Lisa McClain said, casting doubt on Michigan’s election process. “I think is the key is let’s make sure that we have a process that works. That is honest, transparent, trustworthy, and that the American people believe in.”

When asked if she thought the current election process had those qualities she replied, “It really, it really doesn’t.”

A Republican who ran on her loyalty to President Donald Trump alleged votes counted after election night were suspect. Pointing to the state of Florida, which broke for the President and counted votes quickly compared to other swing states. The example calling into question states like Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan were ballots after election night.

“This year Florida got done counting their ballots, I think it was 2 a.m. in the morning,” She said. “We still have states that are in the process of counting their ballots. I think there’s a lot to learn from the state of Florida.”

Just across county lines is Congresswoman Haley Stevens, who differed from her colleague elect.

“We have no evidence of fraud and we’re continuing to take our cues from our Secretary of State, as well as our attorney general,” She said.

Stevens was the only freshman Democrat to hold a district that the president won in 2016. Her district had mixed results in 2020.

“Our clerks have counted and reported about and in Michigan’s 11th district, we certainly feel very confident in the results and our waiting for certification,” Stevens said.

Trust Index: Fact-checking claims regarding Michigan’s 2020 election

There are a lot of claims being made surrounding the U.S. presidential election, and many of them are in the more than 230 affidavits signed onto the latest lawsuit from the president’s campaign.

There are simply too many claims without evidence to fact check in the lawsuit, so we’ll take a look at a few of the things the head of the GOP and Michigan native Ronna McDaniel said about the suit on Fox News Tuesday night.


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