Michigan lawsuit claims Trump Campaign is attempting to disenfranchise Black voters

Detroit voters sue President Trump over his attempt to block certification of election results

The Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, along with three Detroit residents, filed a lawsuit against the Trump campaign Friday, arguing that the campaign is seeking to disenfranchise Black voters in their attempt to block the certification of Michigan votes -- especially those from Wayne County.

DETROIT – A group of Detroit voters are now suing the Trump Campaign, claiming it’s trying to disenfranchise Black voters in their attempt to block the certification of votes in Wayne County.

The Detroit branch of the NAACP has brought on a lawyer ahead of Monday’s vote by the Board of State Canvassers.

“As I understand it, the lawsuit is designed to prevent folks from misusing the vote in the election of Wayne County folks in particular, people in Detroit and not to delay and not certified the right of the people,” said Rev. Wendell Anthony with Detroit NAACP.

The lawsuit Anthony is talking about is 18 pages long. It’s now filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. The plaintiffs are several local Detroit voters, along with the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization.

They are suing Donald Trump and his campaign, claiming they’re trying to disenfranchise Black voters by trying to block the certification of votes in Wayne County.

“How are you going to extract Wayne County out of Michigan?” Anthony asked. “Aren’t we a part of Michigan?”

That’s a question Anthony said the NAACP is trying to figure out. That’s why they hired a team of lawyers to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“And so we’re preparing in case things don’t go right, that we’re coming and we’re coming strong,” said Anthony.

Anthony said Trump is doing everything he can to stay in office, like reaching out to local Republicans prior to Monday’s state board canvassers Michigan’s vote.

“Let me call some legislators to the White House, i.e. Shirkey and Chatfield from Michigan. Let them stay at the Trump hotel. And let’s see if we can somehow decertify or get them to slow this process down,” said Anthony.

Anthony said he believes that no matter what, there will be a new President and Vice President sworn into office on January 20th.

“Let the will of the people go for the people in Michigan, the people in Wisconsin, the people in Philadelphia, the people in Georgia, the people in Minnesota and elsewhere. We have spoken,” Anthony said. “We fired Donald Trump. And we hired Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

You can read the entire lawsuit filed against Trump and his campaign by the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization and Detroit residents here.

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