Friday Finds: New music to check out – April 5, 2019


DETROIT – Happy Friday!

Songs we have on repeat this week:

Flowers on the Grave -- The Maine

The Maine concluded their seventh studio album, “You Are Ok,” released March 29, with a nearly 10-minute long track that ties together the positive, emotional record.

The album focuses heavily on hope, resilience and leaving behind the past.

“Flowers on the Grave” delivers a positive message about starting anew and embracing every moment.

“Feel the moment all around you and the quiet that surrounds you. The time you have is sacred. Don't wait around and waste it,” the song begins.

It weaves together a variety of sounds, including a heavy string presence that also exists throughout much of the album, and long drawn out moments of instrumentals add to the emotion and depth of the song.

The song’s message, combined with a blend of tempos, make the track one of my favorite from the new album. It’s obvious the record was well thought out, and the choice to end it with “Flowers on the Grave” is just one bit from “You Are Ok” that proves that.

The Maine heads to Michigan with the Sad Summer Festival on July 21.

If you like "Flowers on the Grave" here are some other songs by The Maine worth checking out:

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Doubt -- Radical Face

Ben Cooper, the man behind "Radical Face," recently released "Doubt," which will be the sixth and final track on his EP "Therapy." The song was released not long after "Hard of Hearing," which is expected to be the fifth track on the EP.

The song starts off slowly, touching on the fears and doubts that most people experience in their lives. The song is relatively simple, but emotionally vulnerable and deep.

"Therapy" will be released on April 26. Cooper wrote the tracks for the EP after therapy sessions. He uses the six songs to cover what he was learning about "guilt, doubt, acceptance, getting by, gratitude, and goodbyes."

"'Doubt' was during an early period, where I was learning a lot of important but difficult concepts. And for a while, the only thing I felt confident in were the things I don't know (but there was a positive side-effect from this, where I finally started understanding what the hell is meant by "mindfulness"). So the song was an attempt to convey a sense of drifting, unable to connect to very much beyond the things you no longer know," Cooper shared on Facebook.

Following the release of "Therapy" Cooper will release "Therapy: Alternate Reality Version," which will present the songs in a format that's a "more traditional version of the songs for me," he wrote on Facebook.

If you like "Doubt" here are some other songs by Radical Face worth checking out:

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I'll Wait -- The Strumbellas

Canadian rockers The Strumbellas released “Rattlesnake” on March 29.

“I’ll Wait” provides a loose definition of love and what people do when they’re in love. It’s a track about finding someone who lets you be yourself and doing what you can for that person to show them they’re cared for.

“You know I get so lonely, but with you I never feel alone. I guess that's how it is, man. When you love someone, you love someone,” Simon Ward sings.

It’s about finding someone to put above yourself, not because you have to but because it just feels right.

Not to be cheesy, but it’s a happy track about how the right kind of love has no limits.

The Strumbellas will be at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit on June 4.

If you like "I'll Wait" here are some other songs by The Strumbellas worth checking out:

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Amelie -- The Faim

"Amelie," the most recent release from Australian pop-rock group, The Faim, is a dark track that tells the story of the tumultuous life of a 15-year-old girl.

"She's got a beautiful mind / Too bad she's used to the fight / Black eye with her head held high / She's running, running, running / 15, at the end of her life / Cast out in the dead of the night / Broke heart and she doesn't know why"

The pop-rock group from Australia launched last February and since then they've been touring as a supporting act for PVRIS, Against The Current, and Sleeping With Sirens. They've also played festivals.

They recently wrapped up their first headline tour of Australia and Europe. The Faim will be performing ahead of Andy Black of Black Veil Brides on his U.S. tour this spring. That includes a stop at The Majestic Theatre in Detroit on May 11.

Suicide prevention support and mental health resources available in US.

If you like "Amelie" here are some other songs by The Faim worth checking out:

FireSummer Is A CurseSaints of the SinnersMy Heart Needs To BreatheWhen It Comes |

Nobody's Perfect -- Greg Holden

“Nobody’s Perfect” comes from Greg Holden’s March 29 release, “World War Me.”

Holden addresses the idea that people are struggling alone and smashes that notion by singing about how everyone is in the same place, trying to figure out life.

“I thought I had to change, to be something better, get rid of the shame,” Holden sings. “I thought I was the only one, thought I was unique. I'm the same as anyone feeling incomplete.”

In the song, he comes to the realization that nobody is perfect. It’s a simple track with a simple, but it’s so powerful.

It’s one of those songs with lyrics that everyone can relate to once in a while. It offers the reassurance that things may look fine on the surface, but everyone is fighting something and we aren’t as alone in our battles as we may feel.

If you like "Nobody's Perfect" here are some other songs by Greg Holden worth checking out:

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