Friday Finds: New music to check out – May 3, 2019

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DETROIT – Happy Friday!

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Joy -- Bastille

British band Bastille has released two singles from their forthcoming album, "Doom Days," which is expected to be released on June 14.

The album opens with their previously released single, "Quarter Past Midnight" and follows the story of one apocalyptic night and concludes the next morning with a little bit of hope on the kitchen floor with their most recent release, "Joy."

Bastille's new songs do not disappoint. The band stays true to the sound they've curated over the years, and they continue to present us with introspective lyrics -- especially in "Doom Days."

Bastille will be playing at the Masonic Temple Theatre in Detroit on Oct. 1.

If you like "Joy" here are some other songs by Bastille worth checking out:

Doom Days | Quarter Past MidnightWarmthThe Currents | Glory |

MIDNIGHT -- Justin Stone

Rapper Justin Stone dives into the topic of finding success while alone, putting a positive spin on what can be accomplished when sticking to what you’re after.

The Ohio native raps about trust, dreams and hard work.

"Friends came and went, disappeared / Ghost 'em all, cut 'em off, we don't really need 'em, like / Where the hell were you when I was broke?”

Much of Stone’s other music focuses on themes about overcoming and succeeding.

I discovered him when he was featured on “Rise Above It,” an anthem about what it takes to succeed and the sacrifices needed to get there off I Prevail’s new album.

Stone will perform with I Prevail on May 24 at The Fillmore in Detroit.

If you like "MIDNIGHT" here are some other songs by Justin Stone worth checking out:

Cannot Stop Me | Let You In | On Your Own | I'll Be Good | Slow Down |

Mercy -- Grizfolk

Los Angeles based band Grizfolk released "Mercy" ahead of their new album, "Rarest of Birds," which is expected to be released on July 19.

"Mercy" is a harmonious song that fluidly moves between verse and chorus, tempo shifting seamlessly throughout.

Lead singer and guitarist Adam Roth's skills are accentuated by the introspective lyrics and rhythmic music.

"We need a funeral for a bad dream / Have a little mercy, have mercy on us / Dim the lights for the fallen please / Show me when I can’t see / Have mercy on us / Have a little mercy, have mercy on us / Have a little mercy, have mercy on us"

The band has roots in Sweden. Their debut EP was released in February 2014 and their debut Album, "Waking Up The Giants" was released in January 2016.

The band announced their headline tour that will kick off this summer. So far, only West Coast dates have been released.

If you like "Mercy" here are some other songs by Grizfolk worth checking out:

HymnalsSpoonfulHeavy CrownTroublemaker | Bounty On My Head |

You Line! -- Tech N9ne

There was confusion earlier this year that rapper Tech N9ne had died after an artist with a similar name died. But he’s alive and well and taking shots at people who flaunt a false lifestyle.

Krizz Kaliko joins Tech for the track.

“Somebody give him a polygraph or something, I think he faking it / Look at him flashing the signing bonus on the 'Gram like he making.”

The song is off Tech’s April release “N9NA,” an album that has been compared to the rapper’s earlier work.

Tech N9ne boasts an extensive discography over his nearly three-decade long career.

If you like "You Line!" here are some other songs by Tech N9ne worth checking out:

Like I Ain't | Caribou Lou | The Beast | Worldwide Choppers | Am I A Psycho? |

Like A Girl -- Lizzo

Lizzo's "Because I Love You" is an album full of anthems, and "Like A Girl" is no exception.

She shouts out singer Lauryn Hill and tennis player Serena Williams in the high-energy female empowerment track.

The Detroit native also boasts about self-love and success.

"Woke up feelin' like I just might run for president / Even if there ain't no precedent / Switchin' up the messagin'."

Lizzo will perform May 15 at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit. She'll be back in the Motor City again in July for MO POP Festival.

If you like "Like A Girl" here are some other songs by Lizzo worth checking out:

Truth Hurts | Good as Hell | Tempo | Soulmate | Juice |

Other songs to check out:

Upcoming shows:

  • DMX at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit on May 3 (Friday)
  • Turnover at The Majestic in Detroit on May 3 (Friday)
  • Snow Patrol at Royal Oak Music Theatre on May 4 (Saturday)
  • Lizzo at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit on May 15 (Wednesday)
  • Passion Pit at Royal Oak Music Theatre on May 16 (Thursday)

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