Local 4 alum Kim Adams loses 98.7 job during her radio show

‘We went from playing Frosty the Snowman to Nirvana,’ Adams recalls

FM radio switch-up comes without warning for host Kim Adams

DETROIT – Local 4 alum-turned-radio host Kim Adams fell victim to an FM radio switchover in the middle of her show.

Adams was hosting her mid-day show on 98.7 The Breeze when her phone rang Thursday. It was her boss telling her that the station was immediately changing formats and, in turn, ending her on-air job.

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Adams is a veteran public figure in Metro Detroit. The music literally stopped at noon as she was broadcasting her show. She said she’s concerned, but she’s anything but angry.

She’s had to become a professional re-inventor before. Adams has had stints on television, films and loved her radio job, but her most important work has been as a single mother of five. While she said she is firm in her faith that God is guiding her for important work.

When she spoke with Local 4 Friday, the first words out of her mouth weren’t about herself, they were about others.

“I’m sure there’s another single mom out there that got fired yesterday,” she said.

She said her problems are minimal in the grand scheme of things. She’s sad she didn’t get to say goodbye to her listeners and thank them for making her feel successful.

It will be a hard day and Saturday will be a hard day -- there will be many more hard days to come, but in typical Kim Adams form, she has stiffened her lip, is facing the wind and will stand tall for whomever she must become next.

You can watch Paula Tutman’s full story in the video above.

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