Feel the Bern: Why I hate winter’s guts

Paul Gross enjoys a snowy scene in Farmington Hills (Paul Gross/WDIV)

If you were riding on southeastern Michigan’s highways on Wednesday then you know exactly why I hate winter’s guts. 

There isn’t much in this world that one should hate. But hating winter’s guts is first on my list.

And why not? After all, a 3–6 inch snowfall can create more havoc then one event should be allowed to have.

That’s one great reason why I hate winter’s guts.

Plus, don’t forget about the inconvenience a snowfall can have on everyone. Driving becomes the roller coaster from hell. It would be just fine if you were driving by yourself and there was no one else on the road. Ha!

Other drivers act like they know how to drive in the snow...but they don’t. I admit I don’t know either. But I know when to slow down and not try to do 70 miles per hour with 5 inches on the ground. That’s a disaster waiting.

There will be no sports musings today because if you haven’t heard...I hate winter’s guts. I hate it with a deep passion that I wish I could change. But I can’t! So let me have my moment...and continue to hate winter’s guts!

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