Flashpoint Interview: ALICE training CEO talks school shooting preparedness

Expert says active shooter training critical for students, school staff

The CEO of ALICE Training Institute joins Devin Scillian to talk about the training system meant to prepare students and school staff for school shooter situations, and how to see the warning signs beforehand.

With school shootings a large concern across the United States, many schools have implemented the ALICE training program in an effort to prepare students and school staff for such an emergency.

Oxford High School -- the Michigan school where a student fatally shot four teens and injured seven other people -- is one of many schools that employs ALICE training.

ALICE stands for:

  • Alert
  • Lockdown
  • Inform
  • Counter
  • Evacuate

According to the CEO of ALICE Training Institute, JP Guilbault, the training is essential to prepare people to handle the emergency as quickly and safely as possible.

Active shooter situations certainly inspire panic, and Gilbault says that “without that training, your body and your psychological response takes over.”

Gilbault sat down with Flashpoint host Devin Scillian to talk more about the training.

Watch the interview in segment two of the Dec. 4, 2021 episode of Flashpoint in the video player above.


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