Is your beer cold? This new ‘Chill’ nail polish will help you check

Coor's Chill polish (Molson Coors)

There is a new nail polish that will allow you to check the temperature of your beer, allowing you to make sure it’s chill and refreshing.

Molson Coors released the nail polish -- “Chill Polish” in November, and it is already sold out. The color comes out a slate silver color and can turn Coors Light blue if the beer is cold enough. According to the brand, this nail polish can work with any beer, not just Coors.

“Coors Light is best served ‘As Cold As The Rockies’ and consumers love when the mountains turn from gray to blue when the beer is cold enough to drink. But what if you’reRockies’ holding a pint glass? Chill Polish lets you know,” said Associate Marketing Manager for Coors Light Ashley Kozanda in a news release.

The brand claims that the optimal drinking temperature for your beverage is 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

"Coors Light should always be served as cold as the Rockies, but sometimes it’s hard to know when you’re drinking from a pint glass," said Marcelo Pascoa of Molson-Coors. “We’ve brought our cold-activated technology to nail polish to ensure your pint of beer is just the right temp for drinking."

Nail polish wearers can buy the polish for $7 a bottle through the brand’s store. Click here for more information.

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