17 things that are still allowed during Michigan’s three-week COVID-19 pause

Michigan tightens COVID-19 regulations amid rising case number

A hair stylist. (Jonathan Brady/PA via AP)
A hair stylist. (Jonathan Brady/PA via AP) (PA)

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan officials specified 17 segments of the state that will remain open during the three-week pause that includes many new restrictions due to COVID-19.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer included indoor dining, in-person learning for college and high schools and much more when announcing what would be shut down from Wednesday (Nov. 18) through Dec. 8.

Here are 17 segments of the state that will still be allowed:

  1. Indoor gatherings between two households and with no more than 10 people.
  2. Small outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people.
  3. Retail.
  4. Preschool through eighth grade (local district choice).
  5. Childcare.
  6. Manufacturing, construction and other work that is impossible to do remotely.
  7. Public transit.
  8. Hair salons and other personal services.
  9. Barber shops.
  10. Gyms.
  11. Pools (for individual exercise only).
  12. Restaurants (for outdoor dining, takeout and delivery only).
  13. Bars (for outdoor dining, takeout and delivery only).
  14. Professional sports (without spectators).
  15. Parks and outdoor recreation
  16. Funerals (up to 25 people).
  17. Health care.

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On Saturday, Michigan reported 7,072 new COVID-19 cases and 65 additional deaths, bringing the state totals up to 251,813 cases and 7,994 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Michigan reported a single-day record 8,516 new cases Friday.

MDHHS orders

MDHHS has the authority to issue these orders during the pandemic, and has been doing so since the Michigan Supreme Court struck down the law Whitmer was using to issue her executive orders.

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