Wayne and Oakland counties work to ramp up COVID testing

State reported 1,762 new cases over past 48 hours

Wayne and Oakland counties work to ramp up COVID testing
Wayne and Oakland counties work to ramp up COVID testing

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – As coronavirus cases continue to rise, county officials are expanding drive-up testing in Metro Detroit to give residents more access to free testing sites.

Testing is expanding as coronavirus cases continue to surge and more people ignore health officials with the holiday season underway.

Nov. 27, 2020: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 341,941; Death toll now at 8,933

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, only 30% of people are have stayed home during the month of November with more than 2 million traveling more than 25 miles before Thanksgiving. Health officials urging people to get tested.

“One thing that we need to be careful about is testing is most accurate when it is within three to five days, which we call the incubation period,” said Wayne County health strategist Dr. Mouhanad Hammami. “If you do it too early, you might not get the results and if you do it too late.”

Wayne County health officials said it’s not all bad news -- the testing and equipment shortages at the beginning of the pandemic aren’t a problem this time around.

“We have a lot of supplies, and in advance and we keep monitoring our inventory, not only for the county, as well as other partners that we also work with,” Hammami said.

And the testing is available to everyone, regardless of health insurance. The hope is that those most vulnerable won’t be turned away.

“Anyone who needs a test can get it,” Hammami said. “Whether they have insurance or not. They might be asked for their insurance if they have it but if not, nobody is going to be to be turned away.”

There are eight new free testing sites across Metro Detroit. Wayne County also has two mobile units that will be sent to different communities to help those who might not have access to transportation or have a permanent address.

Black Friday holiday shopping in Metro Detroit toned down amid pandemic

Traditional Black Friday holiday shopping looks a little different this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Several large retailers have been rolling out Black Friday deals online over the last month instead of waiting for the day after Thanksgiving.


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