Michigan Gov. Whitmer says all elected officials should disclose if they have positive COVID-19 test

Whitmer says she would reveal if she tested positive for COVID-19

Michigan Legislature

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer believes any elected officials who tests positive for COVID-19 should reveal that information.

During Thursday’s COVID-19 briefing, Whitmer was asked about COVID-19 diagnoses among state lawmakers.

“I think all elected officials, in particular, should make the same exact commitment (to disclose positive tests),” Whitmer said. “Especially in a Legislature that is continuing to meet and has a variety of staff people, as well as press people, as well as the general public who are in and out of this building.”

Whitmer said she hasn’t recently had a COVID-19 test, but she has taken four tests overall, all which came back negative.

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“If I should take a COVID-19 test that comes back positive, I would absolutely disclose it,” Whitmer said.

She said anyone in a similar position, including members of the State House, should commit to disclose that information if they contract COVID-19 so it can keep everyone safe and educate the public.

“I believe that’s the right thing to do, and I believe they should all do that,” she said.

Whitmer said she has heard there are “quite a few” lawmakers who have COVID-19, and believes it should be a policy to share that information.

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