Should I get the COVID vaccine before surgery? Can I get the vaccine if I’m allergic to eggs?

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Dr. Frank McGeorge has been keeping viewers up-to-date and informed on all fronts. He’s been answering your questions about the vaccine, the vaccination process and more.

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I know we are not supposed to take any pain reliever before getting the vaccine. I can’t find any information on the timeframe before the vaccine to stop taking pain medication.

If you need to take daily medication to treat any condition, including pain. Take it and don’t worry. But if you’re really concerned, stopping a pain reliever 8 hours before your shot would be sufficient.

Because of COVID and germs my daughter wipes down all her groceries with Clorox wipes and lets things dry before putting them away. Is this necessary and safe?

COVID can be spread through contaminated surfaces but it’s not as common as we once thought. You should continue to clean high-touch surfaces to protect against any infection. But we no longer believe extreme measures, like disinfecting every item are necessary.

I received my first Moderna vaccine on March 13 and I was advised to come back on April 10. We are traveling to Mexico that week. Is it possible to get the second vaccine a few days earlier than it is scheduled?

Yes. The most idea is to get the second dose on the due date. But up to four days early is considered acceptable. The CDC also considers it acceptable to give the second dose up to six weeks from the first dose.

I’m having surgery. Should I still get the shot beforehand?

There isn’t any reason not to get the vaccine before surgery. But I would offer some practical advice. If you are due for the vaccine the day before surgery I would put it off in case you develop body aches and fever. You wouldn’t want that right before surgery. If the surgery isn’t for a few days I’d get the vaccine. Bring up any concerns with your surgeon.

I have an allergy to eggs. Is the Johnson and Johnson vaccine incubated in eggs? Should I try to stay away from it.

No. None of the three vaccines are incubated in eggs or contain eggs.

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