Whooping cough case confirmed at Clawson High School

Whooping cough vaccine
Whooping cough vaccine

CLAWSON, Mich. – A case of whooping cough has been confirmed at Clawson High School, according to the Clawson Public Schools superintendent.

In an email to parents on Thursday, Superintendent Tim Wilson said the whooping cough (pertussis) case is contained to the high school and that there are no other such cases at other Clawson Public Schools buildings.

“We feel it is important for all our families to be informed,” reads a statement from Wilson.

According to the Oakland County Health Division, parents should keep children home from school and activities, such as sports or play groups, if they have a cough. They should also make an appointment with the child’s doctor as soon as possible and tell the doctor that the child may have been exposed to pertussis.

To learn more about the symptoms and treatment for whooping cough, go to this resource from the Oakland County Health Division.

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