Make something surprising with your cupcake pan

This Try It Out Tuesday shows some creative ways to use your baking utensils

If you have a sweet tooth, cupcakes are almost always at the top of your baked goods list. Did you know you can use your cupcake pan and the liners for a multitude of other things? For this Try It Out Tuesday, Kila Peeples decided to make her Taco Tuesday even better, by making a large taco shell. And get this, she made it by using her cupcake pan upside down!

Not only did Kila show how to make a crispy taco shell out of a soft tortilla without adding oil or deep frying it, she also showed off how to use the cupcake liners for other things, like a top for your beverage when you’re outside to keep out the bugs, and a drip catcher for your Popsicle. She even showed the creative way to eat a cupcake by turning it into a cupcake sandwich.

Watch the video above to see how Kila made her hard shell taco bowls with a cupcake pan.

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