The Detroit connection to one of the world’s rarest records

This recording is as unique as the city of Detroit

Uniquely Detroit: Melodies & Memories on Live in the D

Imagine owning a record so rare and so unique as the city of Detroit! That is what happened to people at Melodies and Memories in Eastpointe. Back in 2018 the record store found a unique record that is considered the “holy grail of records” from Detroit’s Motown label. It was a recording of Frank Wilson’s “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)” The record is considered to be the most valuable ultra-rare 45 rpm record in the world and because it is so rare, it’s valued at around $100,000.

The owner of Melodies and Memories, Denise Zieja, spoke to photojournalist Alex Atwell about how she found this “holy grail of records” and revealed the famous Detroiter she sold it to.

Learn who it is in the video above.

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