Hey baby!! Grab a sandwich and some love from Ernie’s Market

Celebrate National Sandwich Month with a sandwich that's made with extra love and personality

Ernie's Market on Live in the D
Ernie's Market on Live in the D

If you are going to celebrate National Sandwich Month, you have to go to this shop. Ernie’s Market usually has a line wrapped around the building thanks to the huge sandwiches and the man who makes them. Ernie Hassan has been creating monster-sized sandwiches for 65 years! He took over the business from his parents from his grandfather after it started in 1955, and he has been slicing meats and creating delicious sandwiches ever since.

Ernie is following COVID-19 health precautions by opening an outdoor seating area where your sandwich will be delivered to you. There are various levels of sandwiches you can order including a lettuce wrap, a Monster, or one he simply called “a smaller one.” You can top it off with Ernie’s special Love Spice for an extra kick!

Watch the video about to see why every one loves Ernie, his sandwiches, and you’ll find out where he is in Oak Park!