How to pose your pooch for the perfect picture

We have 4 great pointers (no... not the dog)

Picture Perfect Pet Photos on Live in the D
Picture Perfect Pet Photos on Live in the D

Today is National Dog Day and many of us will be posting photos of our beloved 4-legged friends. But let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to get Fido’s good side. To help us out with our pooch posing problems, we asked Christine O’Brien, owner of Ruff Life Photography in Troy, to give us a few pointers.

1) Play with your camera settings

If your camera has a flash, then turn it off. It will just startle your dog and ruin all the work you put into posing them. Another thing, increase the shutter speed on your camera. Dogs move around A LOT when you are trying to take their picture, and one way to make sure you capture every single moment, so you get a nice crisp photo, is to increase your shutter speed. Are you using your iPhone? Just hold down the picture button and it should take a series of quick pictures, and hopefully, one captures that perfect pose.

2) Grab their attention

Dogs look happiest when their ears are perked up. A great way to get that look is to entice them with a treat or toy. Some dogs are motivated by toys more than food, so a treat is not always the best option. Saying their name, or making funny noises, is another way to direct their attention.

3) Get on their level

Much like if you are taking a picture of yourself, you want the camera to be at eye level, so crouch down to where the camera is about the same height as your dog’s eyes. This makes it so that their proportions are less distorted than when the camera is at an odd angle.

4) Be patient

If you want your dog’s personality to shine through in the photo, then be patient. Dogs won’t quite understand what you are doing when you’re trying to take their picture. Just keep your finger on the button, as you let them relax, and just be themselves, then capture that charming moment.

You can also just let the professionals do their job, and capture the charming wonderfulness that is your dog. To book a session with Ruff Life Photography, check out their website, look them up on social media, or call them at (248) 509-4593.

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