Celebrate National Pasta and Pizza Month with this Rochester restaurant

They make all their pasta in house

Dine in the D - D'Marcos Italian Restaurant on Live in the D

Rochester – Whether you try their delicious, homemade, seafood linguine, or there perfectly crispy grilled chicken pizza you will have no doubts that they know what they are doing here at D’Marcos Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Mark Mendola’s family has been in the restaurant industry for almost 100 years, opening their first restaurant in Pennsylvania in the 1930s. Mark grew up in the Rochester area and wanted to open up a restaurant in downtown Rochester. Finally, the opportunity presented itself, and a building that was built in the 1890s became available. It was first a butcher’s shop, then it became a five and dime store. After lots of renovations, in 2018, he opened D’Marcos Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, a nod to his mother who always called him Marco growing up.

When you first walk into the stylish establishment, you are greeted by a giant wine case that holds over 500 bottles of wine. There is a sumptuous bar, and a lounge area, promoting people to sit and chat rather than look at the TV screens that are strategically placed on the corners of the room. The main dining area is slightly New York in style with leather booths and detailed wallpaper.

As for food, they offer lots of Italian favorites with some family recipes mixed in. They make all their pasta in-house, fresh every day. Popular pasta dishes include their seafood linguine and Mark’s favorite, the lasagna. They also have a brick oven to make Neapolitan-style pizzas, as well as steaks and other chops. For dessert, they offer items like a triple chocolate cake, and of course, tiramisu.

For more information watch the full video above. If you would like to check out D’Marcos Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar it is located at 401 S Main Street, in downtown Rochester.