Vitamin D is for more than strong bones. Here’s how to easily incorporate it into everyday diet.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause multiple health risks

Ideal You on Live in the D

Many have been taking steps to be healthier these days, and there’s one particular vitamin that does a lot more for you than you may realize: Vitamin D. And the benefits go well beyond building strong bones.

Doctor Geri Williams, from Ideal You, explained that vitamin D is important for bones, teeth and the immune system, and that a deficiency in it can cause multiple health risks.

She said those who may take quite a bit longer to absorb vitamin D include people who work indoors and suffer from poor digestion, infants, and people with darker skin color.

While Williams admitted that one easy way to get vitamin D is to take a stroll in the sunshine, she provided some easy ways to add it to your diet, too.

Milk may be a go-to for those seeking to add more of the vitamin to their diet, but she also suggested incorporating foods like oily fish, eggs, cheese, beef liver, mushrooms and more.

You can also stick to a healthy morning routine by take multi-vitamins that incorporate vitamin D, or take vitamin D supplements.

Watch the video to learn more.

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