What’s the buzz about Mother’s Day?

It’s time to celebrate mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and it is what’s the buzz today. Every year we take time to reflect on these women who mean everything to us.

Two moms themselves, Mary Liz Curtin, the owner of Leon and Lulu and Three Cats Café in Clawson, and Vanessa Cohen, the co-founder of The Cohen Brand, along with Jason Hall with RiDetroit, who may not be a mom, but he loves his mama, joined Live In The D with co-host Jason Carr to talk our moms.

How do you celebrate your mom?

Hall celebrates his mom by leaving everything up to her. He says she may want to relax around the house or go out to dinner. He added it is a day for them to catch up and connect because both of them are busy.

Cohen says her mother wants all the attention these days and wants it to be all about her. She says it is an interesting dynamic because if you are a mom and you have a mom, how do you balance out that day where you are appreciative of her, and you still get the same reciprocated. However, she says on Mother’s Day she is going to cook a big dinner and invite her parents over and bask in each other’s motherly energy.

Curtin says her family has a celebration for her late mother on her birthday every year on “Bert Day” and gives 20% off clothing because she loved to shop.

If mom wants a day away from the kids on mother’s day, is that okay?

Cohen has five children and says It is important for moms to have time away from the children because it does get overwhelming and refers it to mommy burn out. She says now when she needs a moment, she goes to her “shoffice,” or she-office, in her home, or goes to brunch.

Hall says he understands moms need a day, but this is the day for people to enjoy mom and says how can we appreciate her if she is out doing her own thing? He says in a way he feels like it is children’s day to appreciate moms.

Is mom always right, no matter what your age?

Curtin says her mom was a staff Sergeant in the marines, so mom was always right at all times.

Cohen says the only thing her children are getting from her is “lets reset,” “I don’t think you understood what I meant,” or “my bad.”

Hall says mom his not always right. He says his mother would be proud of him saying “no” because there is a time when moms can be misunderstood.

What is a lesson that stuck with you from mom?

Hall says he is a spitting image of his mother and everything she is, is in him. However, he says he did not listen to too much stuff she told him but learned through the ability of her giving him life experiences.

Cohen says her mom taught her “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” She says her mom put her in a position to have this mindset and confidence to move through life in this way.

Curtin says her mom taught her to make a fuss, throw a beautiful party, set a beautiful table, that every day is special, and the nicer and prettier it is, the happier everyone will be.

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