Create cool vibes in your home with vintage style

Add something old to your home to make it feel like new

You might be thinking about freshening up the look of your home, and Riverside Vintage Market in Clinton Township is helping people add a cool vibe to their homes with some vintage items.

Samantha Staniszewski, the owner of Riverside Vintage Market, defined vintage items as pieces that are at least 30 years old, while she said antiques are at least 100 years old. Samantha described these pieces of furniture as being coveted by shoppers because they are one of a kind or at least one of a few. Samantha said you cannot easily find them online and you really have to go out searching for them. She said a lot of people enjoy the thrill of hunting for these items. Samantha said these pieces were made with high quality materials and fine craftsmanship. Her favorite aspect of some pieces is that they have a lot of history or a story of being passed down through generations of a family or having a lot of different owners over the years.

Riverside Vintage Market offers a variety of furniture from the 1970′s or earlier. There is a variety of natural wood, painted and partially painted furniture. The market’s home décor includes both old and new items. Samantha said the aesthetic of the shop leans toward an old world farmhouse, cozy cottage, and a natural Boho feel. Riverside Vintage Market also sells smaller items like candles, bar soaps, polymer clay earrings and eyewear.

Riverside Vintage Market is located at 24368 Crocker Blvd. in Clinton Township. The shop is open Thursday through Saturday. Watch the video above to see some of the furniture being sold at the market.

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