Have you heard of Windsor-style pizza? It’s a thing!

It’s all about the pepperoni

Detroit is known worldwide for its pizza, in particular the Detroit-style ‘za, but did you know that our neighbors across the Detroit River have a pizza style all their own?

Host Tati Amare crossed the bridge and visited our neighbors over in Windsor to learn more about their pizza.

Windsor’s Little Italy neighborhood is known for its Italian restaurants, shops, and bakeries. One of the main anchors in the area is Spago, which has three locations in and around Windsor.

So what makes Windsor-style pizza unique? Well, according to Peter Vitti, the owner, Windsor-style pizza is known for using shredded pepperoni. By shredding the pepperoni, all the delicious oil from the meat gets absorbed into the pizza, as opposed to making little pepperoni cups of grease. Another thing that sets their pizza apart is the use of local cheese from Galati Cheese Company.

Now, Spago actually does its own version of Windsor-style pizza with a slightly thinner crust and their signature canned mushrooms.

Watch the video above to see Jason Carr try Windsor-style pizza.

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