It’s time to get funky with unique artists

The Funky Ferndale Art Show returns

Funky Ferndale Glass Robot Artist on Live in the D

The Funky Ferndale Art Show returns to downtown Ferndale September 23-25 featuring more than 100 artists. Mark Loeb, event organizer, and Ian Zapico, featured artist, joined Jason Carr to discuss the upcoming event.

According to Loeb, people can expect to see unique talent at the show.

“What we like to say is it’s twice as funky as the average art fair. What we mean by that is we are appealing to people who may not even know that they love art,” Loeb said. “As you’ll see in Ian’s work, we’re looking for something a little more edgier.”

Zapico, who specializes in glass art, will be featuring his work ranging in different sizes and prices. He said he plans to draw in the crowd with the robots, which are popular.

“People really like the robots. I’ve been making these for a long time,” Zapico said. “They take a team of three or four of us to make.”

According to Loeb, the show not only has unique artists but it’s also well-located and near the DIY Street Fair.

“We’re adjacent to where the DIY art show is so you’ve got the funky Ferndale on the west side of 9 Mile and the DIY show on the right side.”

To learn more, watch the video above.

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