Officers who kicked, punched Detroit carjacking suspect won't be charged

DETROIT – The Wayne County prosecutor announced Monday officers will not face charges in connection to their actions during the arrest of a carjacking suspect on Jan. 12 in Detroit.

Andrew Jackson, 51, faces charges including carjacking and robbery. A bystander captured video that was posted by the media showing Grosse Pointe Park and Highland Park officers beating and kicking him during his arrest.

Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy announced Monday morning the actions by the officers, who were part of an auto theft task force, were not entirely out of line and did not call for criminal charges against them. She had been reviewing witness accounts and a Michigan State Police report on the arrest.

"We broke down this video frame by frame and studied it immensely. After a thorough and exhaustive review of all the evidence in this case we determined that no charges should be issued against (the officers) for their actions on January the 12th," said Worthy. "Mr. Jackson was not handcuffed when the video showed (the officer) striking Mr. Jackson. It is clear that (Jackson) was a felon attempting to flee and while apprehended he was armed with a weapon while he actively resisted the attempts to arrest and refused to surrender his right hand for cuffing."

Worthy said one of the officers did have "improper contact" with Jackson once the arrest was complete.

"Although the contact was improper, an improper response, it does not support a criminal charge," she said.

The prosecutor said the police department should decide what to do with the officer for that improper reponse.

Phyllis Knox said Jackson threatened to kill her grandsons unless she gave him her keys. Jackson denies being the carjacker. He has been ordered to stand trial June 8.

Worthy said Jackson refused to cooperate with her investigation.

Meanwhile, Jackson has filed a $1 million lawsuit against the officers.