Feds: Postal carrier in Ann Arbor stole, dumped mail

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Two weeks ago yesterday inspectors were called to a motel near the airport in Romulus.

They found more than 1,200 pieces of mail in a dumpster along with 10 opened parcels with the contents missing.

"All the mail that was recovered, including the open parcels. First class mail and standard mail was returned to the post office for delivery to its customers. And at that point the agents should be able to follow up to determine the value of the items missing," said Jeff Arney, spokesman from the Office of Inspector General.

The addresses traced back to a route covered by Antwawn Roberts, who filled in on a number of Ann Arbor routes when the primary carrier was not available.

In interviews with agents, Roberts admitted that he discarded the mail into the dumpster. He said his reason for doing this was because he felt overwhelmed and not properly trained.

"There's a piece of mail I've been watching for every day since about mid-November which is a check for consulting work that I hope is not in the stash at the Romulus hotel," said Cindy Schapani.

Roberts told inspectors he may have dumped a half-dozen loads of mail. But it appears only one load was recovered. He admits to opening and discarding the contents. He did not admit to stealing it.

"Subsequent to the interview, he resigned from his position with the Postal Service," said Arney. "Agents have been in contact with him to let him know the existence of the warrant and they are arranging for him to turn himself in, in the near future."

Roberts faces any amount of punishment from probation to a few years prison time. He is being asked to turn himself in and has not yet been arraigned.

If you believe you've lost mail, you can contact the Inspector General's Office right here.