Chevy Trailblazer SS owners concerned due to string of thefts

5 Chevy Trailblazer Super Sport vehicles stolen

DETROIT – Thieves are stepping up their efforts to find ways to outfox Chevy Trailblazer Super Sport vehicle owners and steal the SUVs.

Thieves really want to get their hands on Trailblazer SSs, and they're going to great lengths to get them.

"I went all the way to Chicago to get my second one, just to get it stolen here in Detroit," a resident said. "I decided to go outside to check and my truck was gone. No glass, no nothing."

Local 4 is protecting the identity of the car owners because they're worried thieves will see them, search for them and come to their home to take their cars.

The man is on his third SS, and it's midnight blue. He said he knows thieves love his car for the same reasons he does.

"It's got a Corvette motor in it," he said. "You can do a lot with that motor. You can put it in just about anything."

The SSs were only made from 2006-2009 and have older security. Three of the ones that were stolen have the same wounds from would-be thieves on the door handle.

"They're out to replicate something that they can't get themselves," another man said. "It's just a cheaper method for someone."

With five thefts reported in recent weeks, owners hope police will ramp up their efforts as thieves continue to ramp up theirs.

"It's pretty much my toy now, and it goes in the garage and pretty much doesn't stay out of my sight otherwise," another owner said.

The victim noticed he was being followed after a car show, he alerted police, who pulled the car over. Later, he was told by police that the men were sketchy.

"'Yeah, it's a good thing you called me,'" he said. "'Those guys are known car thieves around here.' Whether they were going to carjack me or follow me home or whatever, it's one of those things that keeps me looking out.

"You work hard for a vehicle like this to enjoy it. You don't want to be worried all the time."

Owners of the vehicles are so concerned, they're talking about taking things into their own hands and catching thieves themselves.

Michigan's auto theft prevention, HEAT, pays up to $10,000 for tips on auto theft including the Trailblazer SS. The number to call is 800-242-HEAT.

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