Dark details emerge about quadruple murder in Detroit

Man suspected of killing 4 people before turning gun on himself

DETROIT – Dark new details are emerging about a killing spree that left four people dead in Detroit before the man who pulled the trigger turned the gun on himself.

Police said George Anthony Davis Jr. killed three people at a gas station on Detroit's west side and killed a fourth person at a nearby home. He took his own life during a shootout with police in northern Ohio.

George Anthony Davis Jr. (WDIV)
George Anthony Davis Jr. (WDIV)

Tarina Bargaineer lost her father and baby sister Monday in the shooting at the gas station. Her sister, 23-year-old Cierra, had given birth to a healthy baby boy two months ago.

"They were just really good people," Tarina Bargaineer said. "They really did not deserve this.

"She was so excited. 'I just can't wait until (for the baby) gets here. I can't wait until he gets here. Rub my belly.'"

"It was just horrible to see something like this," Eather Bargaineer, Cierra's cousin, said. "Your cousin's laying on the ground dead because somebody chose to get a gun to shoot somebody."

Police said the infant's father, Davis, shot Cierra, her father and another woman at a Sunoco gas station at Fenkell Avenue and Beaverland Street. Cierra was shot while sitting in her vehicle.

Cierra Bargaineer (WDIV)
Cierra Bargaineer (WDIV)
Ralphael Hall (WDIV)
Ralphael Hall (WDIV)

Ralphael Hall, 60, was pumping gas when he was fatally shot. He was a popular deacon at Citadel of Praise in Detroit.

"He lived, breathed, eat, slept God's word," Tarina Bargaineer said.

"These were church people," Eather Bargaineer said. "These were people that loved life."

Family members said Davis was never violent and there had never been signs of domestic abuse.

"How can you have understood what you were taking away from us?" Tarina Bargaineer said.

Kristen Thomas had been sitting in the car with Cierra at the gas station when Davis started firing shots. She was struck by gunfire and killed.

Kristen Thomas (WDIV)
Kristen Thomas (WDIV)

"She didn't get to say good-bye," Suprenia Thomas, Kristen Thomas' mother, said. "She didn't get to say, 'I love you' that morning."

Thomas' mother said she goes to the same church where Hall is a deacon. She said her daughter works at McDonald's, and when she saw the deacon and daughter drive by, she stopped them and asked for a ride.

"She didn't know him," Suprenia Thomas said. "She didn't even know what was happening. We talked about our plans for her future, and the devil snuffed it right out from up under her."

Suprenia Thomas said she's angry that she'll never see her daughter again and that the families will never get justice.

After leaving the gas station, Davis went to his cousin's house nearby, and fatally shot his cousin, police said. Davis then fled to Ohio, where he turned the gun on himself.

A tribute for the victims is planned for 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page for funeral assistance for Thomas.

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