5,000 people expected for Ford's Michigan Central Station celebration party

Ford Motor Co. to unveil plans for Michigan Central Station

DETROIT – Ford Motor Co. is set to unveil its plans Tuesday for Michigan Central Station at a party for the public.

There are already 5,000 people signed up to attend, which is the maximum officials with the company said the space will hold.

VIDEO: Take a virtual tour of Michigan Central Station in Detroit

After Michigan Central Station sat vacant for 30 years, Ford is ready to rehabilitate the ultimate symbol of Detroit's decline.

Ford officials promised the station won't be a walled-off corporate campus. The Central Hall will be open to the public in the future, just as it was many years ago.

PHOTOS: Ford shares peek at plans for Michigan Central Station, Corktown

Resident Peter Plater said he doesn't see the train station as a ruin. He still sees it through the eyes of his 10-year-old self.

"Me and my brothers and sisters would come down here, especially on the weekends," Plater said. "We were just kids, and we didn't tear anything up. We just roamed around. It was so beautiful."

Plater was out taking pictures of Michigan Central Station the night before Ford’s party.

The company plans to move thousands of its workers to Corktown when the rehabilitation is finished.

Ford officials said the grand hallway will likely have cafes and coffeehouses.

If you want to take a tour, click here after today's event to register.

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