Rats are taking over Taylor; city plans rodent infestation meeting

Residents have had enough

TAYLOR, Mich. – Taylor is trying to get a handle on a problem that will make your skin crawl.

UPDATETaylor residents raise concerns about neighborhood rat problem

"We talking rats. Big rats," resident Darrell Smith said.

Residents said rats are taking over the neighborhood. The rodent problem isn't confined to just one area of the city and residents are fed up with the rats.

The problem gets worse at night with rats hanging out at doorsteps.

"At night it's an infestation. You see them running all across the back. They go in the broken bricks in the porches and they be on you," resident John Davenport said.

People living in the Heritage Glenn apartment complex are frustrated.

"The moment you open the door the rats can just run in if you're not paying attention," Smith said.

They said the apartment told them it's a city problem, and the rats do appear to be a city-wide problem.

"Severely uncomfortable. We've made several complaints," Davenport said.

"It so happens a lot of citizens are having issues in different neighborhoods and they're highly concerned," Taylor city councilman Butch Ramik said.

Ramik insisted getting rid of the rats goes beyond just keeping garbage can lids closed

"Make sure we get feces off the ground from our animals, all those little issues," he said.

Right now people are afraid the rats will get inside their homes.

"We got ladies, we got kids going to school in the morning and rats are just getting ridiculous," Davenport said.

Taylor plans to have a rodent infestation problem meeting Oct. 25 at Taylor City Hall from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m.

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