Snowstorm strands families from across the country at Detroit airport

DETROIT – Multiple families are spending the night Sunday at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport after hundreds of flights from around the country have been delayed or canceled. 

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"I could do a power nap," said Julian Brackins. "But, I'm not sure about sleeping in an airport."

Brackins was supposed to fly home to Kansas City, Missouri. The flight was canceled. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Families stranded at Detroit airport due to snowstorm hitting Midwest

"I was pretty upset because I'm supposed to be at work tomorrow," Brackins said.

Kansas City's entire airport has been closed down and the Missouri governor declared a state of emergency.

Lisa Pierce is in a similar situation and is stranded for two days.

"We knew going into Kansas there was a blizzard coming this way. No flights out tomorrow, we're all stuck until Tuesday night," Pierce said. "I've got two personal days and I am a principal, so school is closed tomorrow but Tuesday is up in the air."

This year's Thanksgiving travel was expected to be record breaking. An estimated 3 million people were scheduled to fly Sunday, but the winter storm forced airlines to cancel hundreds of flights and delay thousands.

"It's frustrating, but it's expected when you have layovers," said Lawrence McCormick.

McCormick was supposed to stop in Chicago before heading home to Los Angeles, but Chicago O'Hare International Airport was hit especially hard, having hundreds of cancellations. He's now going back to his sister's home in Detroit to ride out the rest of this storm.

"I knew it was going to be pretty bad," McCormick said. "I was just hoping I could beat the weather."

Unfortunately, Mother Nature won this round.

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