Cartier glasses stolen off man's face at Westland gas station

Thief steals glasses worth $2,600

WESTLAND, Mich. – A bold robbery was caught on video as a man walked through a Westland gas station and stole glasses off a customer's face.

The incident happened at the BP gas station on Warren and Wayne roads.

UPDATE: Man arrested, charged in sunglasses theft

"I don't think this is someone going around looking for glasses," Westland police Sgt. Robert Wilkie said. "I think this is someone who's going around trying to find some easy opportunity to steal something."

The thief stole a $2,600 pair of Cartier glasses right off another man's face.

"The victim quickly reacted, tried to stop the suspect from leaving," Wilkie said.

But the man escaped, got into a car and took off with the glasses.

"Somebody who would commit a crime this brazen we would love to get off the streets," Wilkie said.

The victim called 911, but the thief was long gone before police arrived to investigate, officials said.

"We would like him to be held responsible for what he's done," Wilkie said.

Police said it's possible the man walked into the gas station with the sole purpose of stealing the glasses, so they want residents to be aware.

"I would be careful of what kind of valuable items you're flashing around in public," Wilkie said. "You never know who's out there and who's going to do exactly what this gentleman did and try to take them from you. It's just a fact of how the world is today."

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