Livingston County sheriff's deputies use new drone to find man lost in woods

Jack Powers was walking in Putnam Township

PUTNAM TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A new drone helped deputies from the Livington County Sheriff's Office find a man who got lost Tuesday night in a wooded area.

Jack Powers, 18, has his own landscaping business. He decided to brainstorm ways to grow JP Landscaping by taking a walk in Putnam Township, but soon realized he didn't know where he was.

"Before I'd known it, I wasn't just lost in my thoughts; I'd gotten lost in the woods," Powers said.

His cellphone was about to die, but he managed to call 911. Authorities were able to track his location before the phone died.

Powers said it was cold and he was stranded.

"I got a pile of leaves and I put them on top of myself to try to stay warm for the night," he said.

Sgt. Chad Sell, with the Livingston County Sheriff's Office, and his team decided to launch a drone in the area where Powers was located before the phone died.

"I finally look and I see the green and red flashing light and I'm like, 'That's the drone, I've got to go," Powers said. "I was like, 'Help, help, I'm down here. Get me help.'"

Sell said the drone stayed over Powers. Deputies were able to get to him in less than 10 minutes. It was the first time deputies have used the drone at night.

"This was the first find that we had at night, which was kind of huge for us," Sell said.

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