Northville residents raise concerns about safety of Arbor Hills Landfill

NORTHVILLE, Mich. – Some homeowners in Northville are questioning the quality of their air.

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The questions have arisen due to the old Arbor Hills Landfill, which has been around for decades. The odors have been an ongoing problem, but new safety concerns arose when the state found gases and even asbestos in the air, forcing people in the area to demand changes.

Citizens packed a township board meeting Thursday night. They raised concerns about the possible long-term effects from the landfill in their area. The landfill is in Salem Township, but when the wind blows the smell heads right into Northville.

The township supervisor said he's trusting the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, which said there are no health risks connected to the stench.

Dave Sherman recently moved into the Hickory Creek subdivision, and he believes there's little that can be done about what's in operation.

"Nobody wants them in your backyards, but that one's there, and it's going to be there until they stop stacking stuff on top," Sherman said.

Many in the community believe if the township stays on top of the matter, they can get the dump cleaned up.