FBI raid at Taylor mayor's office: Here's what was seized

TAYLOR, Mich. – Warrant records released Wednesday reveal federal agents seized an iPad, hard drives, casino receipts and campaign documents during a February raid at Taylor Mayor Rick Sollars' office.

Last month it was learned that agents seized more than $200,000 from his home.

Federal agents are investigating a possible bribery and kickback scheme allegedly involving a towing company. Sollars has not been charged with a crime and insists his office has done nothing wrong.

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Days after the raids at his home and office, Sollars delivered his annual state of the city address. Sollars briefly touched on the conflict when he said it had been a tough week and that he wouldn't focus on the elephant in the room.

After the address, he was more forthcoming about Tuesday's raids. Sollars insisted he is innocent and hasn't done anything other than working for the people.

The mayor said he has retained a lawyer, at his personal expense, for what he called guidance.

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