Kelly Stafford shares progress as she recovers from brain surgery to remove tumor

Stafford happy to be spending time with her children

Kelly Stafford 14 days after brain surgery. (Kelly Stafford Instagram)
Kelly Stafford 14 days after brain surgery. (Kelly Stafford Instagram)

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, shared an update on social media as she recovers from brain surgery.

Stafford underwent a 12-hour surgery on April 21 and was back in the hospital for additional treatment the following Wednesday. She has since been released and said she's limiting her medication to Tylenol.

She said when the tumor was removed her balance system on her right side was "wiped out."

Thursday evening she posted this on Instagram:

Day 14 post op. 
I’ve been off steroids for two days now. Feels good to be off of those meds. A few Tylenol’s here and there, but that’s it. 
I have realized my mornings are better than my afternoons so I have been trying to take advantage. I try to get out of the house, do a “balance driven” workout, and do my brain exercises.. that takes about an hour and honestly, after that, I’m exhausted. The rest of my day is spent on the couch and WITH MY KIDS which I can’t describe how grateful I am that they are back. That’s where I’m at and although it’s hard as hell to feel lazy all afternoon, it’s what my mind and body are calling for right now. Knowing each day my energy, balance, dizziness and nausea will get better so always looking forward to tomorrow. #braintumorawarenessmonth #anwarrior 
Also shoutout to my mom. She’s the real mvp.

Stafford was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a slow-growing tumor on the main nerve leading from the inner ear to the brain.




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