Detroit considers cutting parking fines for residents

DETROIT – There's word that the city of Detroit is aiming to cut parking fines for residents as much as 50 percent.

"Sometimes they have meters. They don't always tell what you have to put in," Detroit resident Mike Mongo said.

If you have an expired parking meter or are caught in a non-parking zone in Detroit you could be fined $45

City Council President Pro Tempore Mary Sheffield has proposed a break for Detroit residents.

"In the midst of the city abatements to big corporations this is a way to give relief to residents in the city of Detroit," Sheffield said.

The ordinance would reduce the fine for Detroit residents by half to $22.50 if you pay within five days. To qualify, drivers must live in Detroit and the cars must be registered to a Detroit address

Sheffield says the city loss of revenue would be about $70,000, which isn't a small amount, but it's manageable

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