Entrepreneur shares inspiring story behind Detroit Sleeves clothing line

Ravon Newman searching for missing family members

DETROIT – There is a new clothing line in Detroit gaining popularity. 

One man is behind the newest and hottest fashion brand here in Detroit. 

Ravon Newman is the creator of Detroit Sleeves. It’s an urban brand strictly out of Detroit with an inspiring story. 

“I made a T-shirt for myself and I just cut the sleeves off, and put the D on there. It took off. People just kept asking me, do I know how to do this, and do I know how to do that. I just got more and more into it,” said Newman. 

Newman said this all happened four years ago. Detroit Sleeves is taking off, but the clothing line has a bigger meaning than the clothes and brand itself. 

“I wanted to create something for my family to come back to,” said Newman. 

The motivation is the reason behind each design and T-shirt. In 2001 his mother, step father and his six siblings were living in a hotel.

Newman said things got so bad, that him and his brothers and sisters were placed in foster care. 

“We all got separated and throughout the years I got into contact with a few of them. But we’re missing two more, haven’t heard from them since 2001,” said Newman.

Now he is trying to find them, but that takes money. He didn't have the money until now.

Every dollar from his clothing line is getting him a step closer to finding his family.  

“It is a part of me that can’t rest just knowing that I have other brother and sisters out here,” said Newman. 

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