Wayne County exec, ex-Detroit police chief experiences 'blatant racism' at Rocket Mortgage Classic

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans.

DETROIT – A security guard has been removed after Wayne County Executive Warren Evans said he and his wife experienced racism Friday at the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

Evans said his wife was credentialed for the clubhouse at the Detroit Golf Club but was forced to show her identification several times before she was allowed in. While inside the clubhouse, she was interrupted during a conversation by an employee who again asked for her identification. 

Evans said he recognized the employee's demeanor as racial prejudice and that the employee reportedly became defensive and raised his voice at Evans when questioned. 

Part of Evans' post on Facebook can be read below.

"I did not see that behavior exhibited on anyone but persons of color. And frankly white persons weren’t always asked or checked. What made him suspicious you might add besides the obvious? It is because my wife and I make it a point to talk and politely address the workers who do the work to make a successful event.

"It should be absolutely clear that my anger has nothing to do with persons asking and checking passes and ID that is their job and as a cop for 40 years, no one understands that better than me."

The executive director of the Rocket Mortgage Classic released a statement Saturday night. It can be read below.

"We were very sorry to learn about Mr. and Mrs. Evans' poor experience with a security guard from the tournament's security contractor.  As soon as we heard of this situation, we worked with his employer to ensure the guard no longer has any affiliation with our tournament."

Evans' full post can be read here.