Washtenaw County residents voice health concerns about road commission's use of weed killers

Commission defends vegetation control program

WEBSTER TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Some Washtenaw County residents are raising health concerns because the Road Commission is spraying herbicides along roads.

The Washtenaw County Road Commission conducts a roadside vegetation control program yearly.

Webster Township residents are worried that the chemicals used to kill weeds and prevent overgrowth could be harmful to humans and animals.

The commission's board meeting Tuesday was filled with concerned citizens, including Katherine Larson. Larson raises chickens and doesn't want the herbicides sprayed near her property.

The commission defended its decision to use the spray.

"All of this is part of our efforts of trying to maintain the roadside, which is part of our state. We're, by law, required to maintain the roads," said Emily Kizer, with the Road Commission.

To learn more about the vegetation control program and opt out of herbicide treatments, click here.

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