Nearly 100 exotic birds rescued from 'hoarding situation' outside Port Huron

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Mich. – Dozens of rare and exotic birds were rescued from a mobile home Tuesday in St. Clair County. 

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The trailer had so many birds that neighbors could hear them squawking and alerted animal control.

The birds were found in filthy conditions and authorities said they believe it was a hoarding situation. 

"They estimate to be over $50,000 worth of birds," said Erika Stroman, with St. Clair County Animal Control.

Police said the small trailer, just outside Port Huron, was housing 83 macaws, parrots, cockatoos and other exotic birds. The owner lives in a much larger house on the same property, and police said she had hoarded the birds in horrible conditions.

Many of the birds were injured due to the neglectful conditions inside the trailer. 

The birds were taken to Birds and Beaks Rescue and Rehab in Battle Creek to be treated. A few birds died from their injuries, and others have had amputations. 

Once treated, Birds and Beaks will find more suitable homes and families to take care of the birds.

Animal Control will meet with the St. Clair County prosecutor before pressing charges. 

Birds and Beaks is accepting money, food and other donations to help care for the birds. If you'd like to donate, visit the official Facebook page here.

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