Men use credit cards stolen from cars in Detroit, Southfield to buy gas

Victims discover string of thefts

DETROIT – Credit cards stolen from a car in Southfield and a car in Detroit were used to buy gas at the same gas station over the weekend.

Deemika Deetrick was filing a police report in Detroit after her credit cards and ID were stolen from her Southfield neighborhood in the area of 9 Mile and Evergreen roads.

While she was at the police station, she heard a man telling police his credit card was stolen from his car in his Detroit neighborhood near Santa Barbara and Outer Drive on Sunday morning. He told police his credit card company sent him an alert that his card was used at a Mobile gas station at McNichols Road and I-75.

"I said, 'My bank said the same exact thing," Deetrick said.

The cars had been broken into hours apart and their cards were being used at the same gas station. The man had spoken with the clerk at the gas station and showed Deetrick photos of the men using the stolen cards.

Deetrick said she went to the gas station afterwards, where she saw the men from the photos. She called police, but the men fled.

Deetrick said police told her the men offer to buy customers discount gas in exchange for cash.

Both victims have canceled their cards. Police are investigating the thefts.

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