Woman in critical condition after being shot in head on Detroit's east side

Police looking for shooter

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DETROIT – A woman is in critical condition after she was shot on Detroit's east side.

She was shot on Cedargrove Street, near Chalmers and Houston-Whittier on Tuesday morning.

Melvin Bibbs has called the Cedargrove neighborhood home since 1972.

"Seen them come and go, come and go," he said.

Bibbs said over the years, things have changed, but for the most part, the neighborhood remained quiet and safe.

"This neighborhood is no different from any other neighborhood, but we never had no (sic) problems," Bibbs said.

Tuesday, police found a white woman in her late 20s, lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the head. Police said the victim is in extremely critical condition.

"Found generally, right there by the driveway. Nobody heard nothing (sic). We didn't hear any kind of noise out here," Bibbs said.

Police are still looking for the shooter.

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