Stolen pickup truck crashes into Emagine Canton movie theatre; ATM smashed

Thieves use pickup truck to ram into theatre, smash ATM

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Canton Township police are investigating a pickup truck that smashed into the Emagine movie theatre on Ford Road about 3:45 a.m. Wednesday.

  • The pickup truck was stolen from an apartment complex across the street.
  • The truck was used to smash through the doors and to ram the ATM.
  • There were people working inside the theatre at the time, but no one was hurt.
  • The theatre will be closed until later Wednesday afternoon. Refunds will be issued to anyone who had tickets to earlier movie times.

About six or seven doors were taken out by what police said is a stolen pickup truck. The truck was stolen from an apartment complex across the road.

The pickup was used as a battering ram to smash into the ATM inside the theatre lobby. They rammed it several times until it popped open and they could access the cash box. However, police said there may not have been a whole lot of cash in the ATM at the time they broke into it.

Police know the truck was stolen because some paperwork fell out of the vehicle during the robbery. Officers tracked it to a resident across the street who they informed about the robbery.

A cleaning crew was working inside the theatre at the time of the robbery. No one was injured.

The thieves fled the theatre in the truck, which is described as 2004 Dodge Ram. Police found the truck at a neighboring business, but the suspects, who are described as three males, are still on the loose.

Anyone with possible information on this incident is asked to contact the Canton Police Department at 734-394-5400. Police said they will not be releasing surveillance video for now.

'Pretty crazy' first day at work

It was Justin Jones' first day at work.

"Pretty crazy, one of the most eventful first days of work, ever. I was in the back, and I did hear a car. I heard a bang and I thought it was somebody dropping something. I didn't imagine (this). My friend ran, came out, got me," said Jones.

Police are working to see what kind of surveillance video may be available. Meanwhile, a crew was out Wednesday morning to board up some of the busted doors at the theatre.

Rash of smash-and-grabs

There have been several recent smash-and-grab robberies in Metro Detroit where thieves have been stealing the ATMs, and these could all be connected. There was one Tuesday morning in Huron Township.

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