8th grade student threatens to shoot up Eastpointe High School, brings pellet gun to school

Student in custody

EASTPOINTE, Mich. – A student is in custody Monday after Eastpointe police said he threatened to shoot up the high school and had a pellet gun in a backpack.

Original report: Pellet gun found in backpack after student makes shooting threat

School officials got a call  about a potential threat at Eastpointe High School and called authorities.

District officials said an eighth grade student brought an airsoft pistol to school. Police said he threatened to shoot the school up, so the building went into a lockdown.

"My grandson called. He was ready to go home. I was shocked. I jumped out the bed because I thought I had to come get my grandson," Norma Hill said.

Hill was one of many who got a robocall and e-mail from the school informing them about the situation.

"That's foul. I'm glad that they got the young man because people come here for their education,. They don't come here to feel threatened," Hill said.

"I'm here to pick up my granddaughter right now," Walter Price said.

Price said he feels the administration handled things correctly.

"It's not a bad school. It's a good school. It's just that some kids do bad things," Price said.

Police are investigating the incident.

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