Detroit promises snow will be cleared from residential streets by tomorrow morning

Contractors began plowing Tuesday morning

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DETROIT – Detroit said its 1,884 miles of residential streets will be clear by Wednesday morning.

The city made a promise to have the streets clear within 24 hours. Contractors took to the streets Tuesday morning to remove the snow.

Officials said the city had to wait until there were about 6 inches of snow on the ground before calling the contractors. Thus, plowing didn’t begin until the morning after the storm.

The city is broken up to seven zones that will be handled by the contractors.

Streets will be plowed from curb-to-curb. Contractors only handle snow removal. The city is responsible for salting the roads, and it is only applied to main roads.

If your street is not cleared by 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, you are asked to contact the Detroit Department of Public Works.

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